Vision Statement:

Honor Ke Akua,                                         E Ho`onani i Ke Akua,
Love one another and                              E Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi ame
Make disciples.                                           E Ho`ohaumana.9

Tradition of Ali‘i Sunday’s at Kawaiaha‘o Church

Ali‘i Sundays are among the many long and honored traditions of Kawaiaha‘o Church, which began about
1914. In the 1970’s our people were embarking on a tidal wave of change. In the midst of circumstance
and sensing the urgency to unite Hawai‘i’s people and rekindle their strength and purpose in Ke Akua
[God], the Reverend Dr. Abraham Akaka rejuvenated these services as part of the larger cultural
awakening already taking place.

He reminded us of the importance “to unite as the people of Hawai‘i and
to recognize the leadership our Ali‘i gave us as Christians.” We celebrate nine Ali‘i Sundays which are
held as part of a larger series of celebrations recognized by the Benevolent Royal Societies, Ali‘i Trusts and
the Hawaiian Civic Clubs of which always occurs on Sundays or the Sunday just before the birthday of the
Ali‘i. Join us as we celebrate these Ali‘i and the many blessings from Ke Akua together.


January 28, 2024

King William Charles Lunalilo

King William Charles Lunalilo
January 31, 1835
Kuleana ‘O Lunalilo Trust

March 17, 2024

Queen Ka‘ahumanu

Queen Ka‘ahumanu
March 17, 1768
Kuleana ‘O Ahahui Ka‘ahumanu

March 24, 2024

Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana‘ole

Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana‘ole
March 26, 1871
Kuleana ‘O Prince Kūhiō Hawaiian Civic Club/Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu

June 9, 2024

Kamehameha ‘Ekahi (I)

Kamehameha ‘Ekahi (I)
June 11, 1737-58, Circa
Kuleana 'O Royal Order of King Kamehameha, I

August 11, 2024

Kamehameha ‘Ekolu (III)

Kamehameha ‘Ekolu (III)
August 11, 1813
Kuleana ‘O Royal Order of King Kamehameha, I

September 1, 2024

Queen Lili‘uokalani

Queen Lili‘uokalani
September 2, 1838
Kuleana ‘O Queen Lili‘uokalani Children Center & Trust

October 13, 2024


Princess Ka‘iulani
October 16, 1875
Kuleana ‘O Ahahui Ka‘iulani

December 8, 2024

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Kamehameha ‘Elima (V)
December 11, 1830
Kuleana 'O Royal Order of King Kamehameha, I

December 15, 2024


Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop
December 19, 1831
Kuleana ‘O Kamehameha Alumni Association

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