Fear Not – Believe, Saved

When I read the Bible and pray, the theme of “Fear Not” just keeps popping up.
I was curious about how many times “fear not” shows up in the Bible and was quite
surprised it was 365 times. Could it be God wants us to know we should “fear
not” every day? I do know since I got serious with Christ, I really don’t fear
anything. I don't care about politics, the economy, current affairs, or anything else. I
just seem to fully trust God that I will be cared for. No matter what happens, all
is going to be fine. It's this “fear not” thinking that gives me peace and feeling
I almost think the feeling of “fearing not” alone is worth being a Child of God.
Too many people are stressed out today because they see the problems but
don't seek God for the solutions. Perhaps, they are too focused on this world
and bank on a future that may or may not come. With God, you know He will
care for you here and in eternal life. Every day is a gift from God. Each time you
take a breath, it's due to God’s Will. Imagine how fragile you truly are just
depending on God’s Will to take another breath let alone what’s going to
happen over this year?
So, if you don’t “fear not”, reflect on why. Perhaps you are focusing too much on
this world instead of God.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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