Fruit – Body and Mind, Reflection

“A good tree cannot make bad fruit. A bad tree cannot make good fruit. A
farmer will cut down any tree that does not make good fruit. He will burn it on
fire. In the same way, look at the way people live. Then you will know what they
are really like.”
Matthew 7:18-20 EASY
I’m fat.
How did I get this way? I have a sweet tooth. The temptations of those sweet
chocolate bars, donuts, cakes, and twinkies are just too much to stop. It reminds
me of Satan’s tactics. Sin is so bad yet tastes so good. The world is full of sweet,
fattening things. I just savor those sin-glorified, bloodthirsty movies filled with
cursing against our LORD. Some rap songs have such a cool beat
yet are filled with obscenities. The taste is good but the message is evil and leads to
bad fruit.
I know what to do with my weight problem.
Stop. Eating. Stuff. That’s. Bad. For. Me.
Grab a banana and a carrot instead of Reese’s pieces and make a salad. When I
drive by that Mcdonald's, and order a McSalad instead of a McChicken combo. It
reminds me of the day when I face God and he tells me fat people know what to
do, they just choose other directions because the taste is good and fulfills
instant satisfaction yet results in long-term harm to self.
I almost think God created fat so we can see the results of our choices. Guys like
me are concrete and need to see the results of our behaviors straight up. It helps us
connect the abstracts like following God’s Will when we are surrounded by
temptations. Do we want instant satisfaction with consequences or show self-
control and feel better?
God is right once again. It’s time to stop making excuses and start eating good
fruit. Yes, it’s time to get some self-control and avoid temptation. No, I’m not
waiting until tomorrow to diet when I can start today as good results require
good seed planting.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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