God bless you! – Ke Akua

I may not pray for everyone, but I do bless often and mean it. I really like the
In Hawaiian languages, as it’s common courtesy phrases are Ke Akua pu or Lesu pu.
This really demonstrates the spiritualism around the language. We are starting
to lose the spiritualism in language and it saddens me.
There are times I say God Bless you and I get an inner feeling the other party
either passes it over or looks down or just seems to minimize it. Why? Could it
be because they feel dirty deep inside and unworthy? Is it because they don’t
want to be reminded of their creator? Is it because they are of another belief or
have no belief? I have literally had some feel offended when I see it as a
wonderful gesture. It’s almost like our selfishness gets cracked when we are
reminded of a higher God. I suppose all of the above apply differently to
different people. Next time when I sense I have made someone uncomfortable
by saying “God Bless You”, I think I will ask them why. Maybe there is a reason I
have not thought of.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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