God’s Urge – Love One Another, Saved

The hand of God is simply amazing!
Have you ever had the urge to do something only to find out the party you
supported was actually praying for it? This has happened to me many times.
Allow me to give you one of my latest examples.
I ran into a family when I visited the Philippines about 4 years ago. I remember
when they welcomed me into their home for dinner and unknown to me at the
time, the dad slaughtered his prized goat for dinner. He has nothing else to give
so the goat got it. Fast forwarding, I now send his youngest daughter 10,000
pesos a month so she can have a small room and pay for her schooling. She is
regularly on the Dean’s list. The small room she rents is actually in her dad’s
home. Her dad’s sole income comes from renting five rooms attached to his
small home. Each room potentially brings in about 100 USD a month. Imagine
supporting seven people on that amount. Before, this young lady shared a room
that was 10 feet by 10 feet with her four sisters and 2 babies. Imagine trying to
study in an environment like that! I must say they have never asked for help
from me. I just had the urge to help. I believe it's from the Holy Spirit.
During COVID, this dad had four of his five renters leave as they were laid off
leaving him with just the room I rent for this young lady. I didn't know this at the
time. Supporting 7 people for 100 dollars a month would be challenging, to say
the least. One night, I had this nagging urge to rent a room for all his daughters.
So, I contacted this dad and asked him if he had any rooms left to rent. He
paused and asked me why I'm asking? I told him I would like to rent 4 more
rooms for the other 4 girls. He says to me, “God answered my prayers! I can
now feed everyone!”
Later, I found out through a friend that this family was picking food out of trash
cans around Manila to scrape up dinner. Their electric power was cut off and they
were on the verge of losing their home. No one told me, including the young
lady I support. It was the urge that told me to help.
Yes, God does work in amazing ways!

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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