How God answers you sometimes! – Prayer

It’s amazing when you have something on your mind and repeatedly pray for God’s counsel on what to do. Then, out of the blue, you are given the answer through someone else. Here is a wonderful example:

Over the past few days, I have been pondering my will. I am an only child and my parents have a lot of land and resources. Weirdly, it’s a  burden. It’s because I see everything I have or am about to receive to be God’s, not mine. I  want Him to tell me what He wants me to do. I have prayed and prayed on this.  Yesterday, I asked my mom, who is 80, on what I should do. She doesn’t care and it seemed God doesn’t care either! I just couldn’t get this burden answered. I want to do right by Him. I am completely content. God has taken wonderful care of me. He has enriched me with a good life where I have never been hungry, never thirsted, always had a  nice home to live in, and am able to travel. I want nothing. The only legacy I want is to glorify Him. As for me, I don’t need a funeral. Cremation without a pine box is perfectly fine. I came to this world unknown and actually am fine leaving the unknown. My sole purpose today is to glorify Him and only Him. What happens in this world can stay in this world.

Then, Kahu Hailama did a sermon he called, “I spy.” Unknown to him, he actually answered my question and wouldn’t even know he did. He said, “focus on God first  instead of your estate.” In other words, my question on what to do with this estate should be God-centered and frankly not even a burden. So, why am I worrying about it in the first place? God will send opportunities my way in His time. I know what I am going to do now. His words answered my prayers.

So, when you pray for answers, listen carefully to what is being said around you. God has an amazing way to give you answers from others who didn’t even know they were a  messenger. They get ideas flowing and communicate them without realizing their ideas were implanted by God to answer something someone else has prayed for. When that happens, you sometimes sit there dumbfounded and in awe of how He answers you!

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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