I am ridiculously blessed – Protection, Truth

“You must remain in me, and my message must remain in you. Then you may
ask for anything that you want. And God will do it for you.”
John 15:7 EASY
Wow! I can’t get over how blessed I am! Imagine a God of the Universe listens
to minuscule me and answers my prayers! Shut the front door! One of my early
prayers was asking God to help me see the truth. I’m confused with all the
deception around me that it shields the truth. The river ran over with ways to zero
in on the truth. I see the truth like I’m wearing x-ray vision glasses. I really think God
protects me from most deception. I do think my small, focused world helps too.
I prayed over Covid. During Covid, I am completely calm but surrounded by
many who are terrified. I recently prayed and asked God whether I take the
vaccine or not. I await an answer but I know it’s forthcoming. So far the answer
is not yet. When I write, the cup runs over with ideas. My thoughts are focused
but overflowing to the point my fingers can’t type topics quick enough and my
time is finite in the daytime.
God has always wonderfully taken care of me. I can’t express my gratitude for how
fortunate I have been so far in this life. Yes, some roads were rocky but all roads
ended up paved. There are times I just spend praying about how much I love
Him, how blessed I am from Him and I will do anything He asks. Many times
when I pray, I want nothing except to just feel Him near. Sometimes, I just thank
He on having a peaceful day. Sometimes, I pray about my day like a schoolgirl
at the playground with other school girls. Again, it’s just to stroke up
the conversation so I can stay near to Him.
One of the reasons why I didn’t want to be part of a local Church was so I could
have fellowship but temper it with God-focused. My main focus is God. I just
want to be with Him and Him with me. When I pray, I want my prayers focused.
I do pray for others but with intensity. Since they are intense, I am select on who
I pray for you. I really respect those who pray for many. I just can’t seem to do it
with many because when I do, they seem to lose that intensity they deserve.
Most of my prayers are answered in amazing ways and are too numerous to
count. Perhaps, it’s because the asks are few and the intentions are righteous.
I think the main reason I am so blessed is that I have faith in Him. He knows
me because I want to be near Him. He makes me unafraid and unworried. He
focuses me on the big things and minimizes the small stuff.
Yes, I am ridiculously blessed! Thank you Heavenly Father!

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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