Motions versus Action – Believe, Prayer

“The way that your fast does not please me at all: You make yourselves humble
for a day. You bend down your head, like a piece of weak grass. You lie down on
sackcloth and ashes. Do you think that you are really fasting when you do that?
Do you think that it pleases me, the Lord? This is the way that I want you to fast:
You must remove the chains from prisoners who should not be in prison. You
must stop being cruel to the people who work for you. You must let people who
are in pain go free. You must break the yoke of work that is too hard for weak
people. Instead, share your food with hungry people. Give a place in your home
to poor people who have no home. Give clothes to people who have nothing to
wear. If people in your own family need help, do not refuse to help them. Then
God's light will shine on you, like the sun's light at dawn. Very soon, your
troubles will go away. The good things that you do to help others will be clear
for everyone to see. And the Lord will use his great power to keep you safe.”
Isaiah 58:5-8 EASY
Wooof. These passages are powerful! Sometimes we get too caught up in doing
the motions thinking we please God and receive his blessings. Wrong! It’s when
you share, shows kindness towards others, fights for the weak and vulnerable is
when you receive God’s blessings. What’s even more potent is that your good
deeds are seen and appreciated by everyone to boot. It reminds me of Mother
Teresa. How many of you know her name? Her name is known by her doing
God’s work. She never wanted attention drawn to herself. It was God who had
her get attention to bless her and support her work. She wasn’t doing the
motions. She was doing God’s Will.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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