Thoughts give responses – Believe, Integrity

I have made my world small on purpose. I do it because I want to focus on God
more and the drama in this world less. I have found my spirit gradually gets
stronger and stronger as I make my focus on God daily. It seems that conquering
Sin gets easier with His help. Even though I can still remember many of the sins I
have committed in the past, I feel forgiven for them all. I can’t help but feel
shame for my past sins because I let God down many times. He does tell me
shame is not needed as forgiveness is granted. I will reach the finish line
victorious even though the journey will be rough. I must keep looking up instead
of within. I must keep trusting through faith and let His logic flow instead of
mine. I must remain still.
Today, while I was praying, I had a thought that given this world is so sinful,
maybe I should just worry about saving myself. The response was swift. It was
simply, “Don’t be selfish.” I apologized for my thoughts and know it was selfish.
Selfishness still creeps in here and here. It’s like I have most of the wounds of sin
licked but there are still sores oozing. My eyes slowly open but my vision is still
It’s really amazing how journeying with Christ is long, sometimes rocky but
always rewarding. I start to lose this world and its drama and start to see others
with much more glory. Even though I have learned to be a critical thinker, it is of
no use to Christ. It’s because my critical thinking skills apply to this world and
offer no help in Christ’s World. Perhaps, that’s why the Bible attempts to
describe things that cannot truly be described in this world. That’s why
interpretations vary between people sometimes with some passages. However,
the core commandments remain lucid and clear. That’s why I must keep praying
as the Bible intends on being the foundation while the Holy Spirit is my guide.
It’s because my journey of purpose is unique to me and thus requires a special
guide to lead the way.
All of us can get spiritually stronger. It takes hard work, rethinking all you have
learned, and trusting a power that can be heard and felt but seen in a completely
different light. Your thoughts are counseled by the Holy Spirit and responses are
given. One just needs to think beyond this world to achieve these responses.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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