Bad Things Happen to Good People? – Fragile, Spending Time with Ke Akua

“At that time, some people were with Jesus. They told him what happened to some people from Galilee. They had been burning animals as a gift for God. Pilate sent some  soldiers to kill them. Jesus replied, ‘Think about those people from Galilee. Perhaps you  think that they had done more bad things than other people from Galilee. Do you think  that is why they had to die? No! But I tell you this. All of you have done many bad things.  So you must change how you live and you must turn to God. If you do not, you will also  die as they did. And you remember what happened to those 18 people in Siloam. A high  building fell down and it killed them. Perhaps you think that they had done more bad  things than the other people in Jerusalem. But I tell you, no, they had not. All of you have  also done many bad things. So you must change how you live and you must turn to God.  If you do not, you will also die as they did.’”

Luke 13:1-5 EASY

Why do horrible things happen to seemingly good people? The news is just filled with  terrible accidents and catastrophes. The answer to this question is answered by Jesus  himself.

The crowd asked Jesus why worshipers in Galilee were butchered by the Romans while  they were providing burnt offerings to the Lord. These people appeared to be good  people as they were God focused. Jesus replied by saying we are all sinners who need  to repent. You never know when you will die on this earth so the bigger question is are  you ready to meet the Lord as a sinner at all times? When we hear of these tragedies, it  is a reminder to repent and prepare. Life on this earth is unpredictable and fragile. The  only thing predicable is if we don’t repent, we will have everlasting death.

God always uses situations in attempts to bring us close to Him as we are so fragile. He  reminds us of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25 illustrating that Christ comes quickly. Thus,  we need to be prepared at all times or we get locked out of the banquet. Tragedies are a  wakeup call.

Jesus comes quickly (Matthew 24:44) and unexpectedly. That’s why regular repentance, prayer, acknowledgement to the Lord that we need His help and spending daily time with  God is so important. Thinking you are a good person is self-deceptive. You are a sinner  like all of us who needs regular support from the Savior.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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