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“Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Your people have killed God's prophets. They have
thrown stones to kill other people that God has sent to them. Many times, I have
wanted to bring all of your people near to me. A female bird covers her babies
with her body to make them safe. But you would not let me keep you from
danger like that. So listen! Your great house will now become like a wilderness
with nobody in it. And I tell you this. You will not see me again until the day
when you say, “Great is the man who comes with the authority of the Lord
God.” ’”
Matthew 23:37-39 EASY
I continue to ponder on what Jesus truly means with this passage. Does this
mean He will not return to Jerusalem until He is welcomed by them? If so,
watching the growth of Christianity in Jerusalem is key to knowing His return.
Right now, Christianity in Jerusalem is slowly growing but is still a very small
segment of the population (see: If not, does this mean Jesus
will not return until He is welcome globally or just in Israel? I highly doubt that
one would be the case. I continue to rely on the Holy Spirit to help guide me to
an answer.
Some scholars believe Jesus returns to the same place he ascended. This may be true, but
I am not 100 percent sure. In the Old Testament, Jesus will return to
the Mount of Olives which is the same place where he ascended to Heaven.
“On that day, the Lord's feet will stand on the mountain of Mount of Olives.
This mountain is east of Jerusalem. It will break in two from east to west and it
will make a wide valley. Half of the mountain will move north and half of the
mountain will move south.”
Zechariah 14:4 EASY
However, when Jesus ascended, two men in white robes approached the
apostles and claimed Jesus will return the same way. Does this mean he returns
to the Mount of Olives or just returns the same way he ascended but could be a
different location?
“The men said to the apostles, ‘You men from Galilee, you should not still be
standing here and looking up into the sky. God has taken Jesus into heaven. You
saw the way that Jesus went up to heaven. One day, he will return in
the same way.’”
Acts 1:11 EASY
Let’s look at Revelation. Jesus will ride clouds and be in full glory for all to see.
That is a far cry different than descending the same way He ascended.
“Look, he will come on the clouds! At that time, everyone will see him! Even the
people who pushed a spear into his body will see him. People from all the
countries on earth will be sad when they see him. Yes, this will really happen. It
is true.”
Revelation 1:7 EASY
As I continue to take life day by day, I am more curious than concerned or
joyous with anticipation of Christ’s return. I suppose that’s what makes
understanding the Bible a lifelong journey. One tries to garner as many answers
as one can but tempers it with the realization that one will never completely
understand. Only asking God himself will garner complete truth and knowledge.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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