Three years – Bible Study, Reflection

What have you done in three years? If you pack in your three best years, what
did you achieve? I can tell you my three best years and everything I completed
within those years may be remembered for a maximum of 50 years. The reason
why I guess that is the few people I have helped in my life will more than likely
pass away within that time. Perhaps, 50 years may even be too lofty. I suspect 6
months would be more realistic.
I have often thought of writing a book. My book would be about my journey with
Christ. The themes would be my struggles, my awe in Him, my gradual move
towards humility, and perhaps my questions. I suspect this work would take
three years to complete. How long would this book be read? Most of the best
classic books are perhaps read for 150 years. I doubt mine would be read in 1 year
unless I got really lucky and crafted a book as close to perfection insofar as my
mere mortal, limited mind would carry me.
Now, let’s compare this to the works of Jesus. What did He do in three short
years of ministry? He was the single pebble that triggered an eternal global
following. The New Testament is the most read, revered series of Words every
created. Many died horrific deaths defending His Word. His word continues to
grow and spread. Many millions make it their life’s mission to share His Word.
The Bible is the most printed book in the World. Scholars, atheists, theologians,
apologetics, philosophers, scientists, teachers, learners, and many others lean on,
comment on, and study His word. We have Before and After Christ to revere Him.
Time literally relies on Him. His birth is set at time zero. Our most sacred
holidays give Glory to Him. Great Empires like the Roman Empire converted to
Him. Everyone knows His name. Even the condemned are given his Word and
offered Counsel through Him. Many dying ask for peace through Him. Many
children learn His name. There are over 37 million churches erected globally to
celebrate His name and His Word. The list goes on and on.
Wow! He started all this in three short years! That’s another reason why I
believe in Him, follow Him, love Him, and am in awe of Him. That’s why I want to
know Him and He knows me. That’s also why I know He is our Savior. When one
thinks this way, they are driven because everything around us is driven by Him.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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