Cynical – Reflection, Prayer

One of my (many) faults is that I can be cynical at times. I pray often asking God to start to soften my hardened heart and at least lead me to the facts before I jump to conclusions. I know why I am cynical at times. It all started with my dad who drilled in my head that officials are not to be trusted. They will tell you one thing and do another. When they say it’s for my best interest, it’s actually for theirs. I worked with Government for many years and can recall many times I’m told one thing while they do something totally different.

One of my early prayers was to ask God to show me the truth. I am tired of deception and sadly this world is filled with that. God answered my prayers in spades. He lead me to a select few pastors, key biblical passages to enhance understanding, and kept me clear of people who later on are revealed as less than stellar. Deep inside, I think it’s because I need help to know who and what to trust outside of the Bible of course. I really don’t like to be cynical because it’s not Christ-like. Yet, I don’t want to be a fool getting lined up to Christ-like slaughter either because I’m labeled as gullible. I’m not going to be anyone’s target!

Where’s the line here? I can’t wait to be in heaven where truth reins complete but until then what do I do?

The latest example I can give you where we can all relate is whether to get the Covid 19 vaccinations. When they first rolled out, I was suspicious especially given the fact they were brought out so quickly. We’re these vaccines the mark of the beast? Having officials telling me they are good for me increased my cynicism. I’m not taking it because there has to be a hidden agenda. The officials are pushing me too hard to take it. Whenever they have this kind of urgency, I am on my guard because I have seen the other shoe fall in the past. Wait a minute. I need God’s help with this one.

Well, God answered my prayers yet again in a dream one night. The dream was about the mark of the beast being distributed when the Antichrist is known. Is the Antichrist clearly revealed? No, because he is to have total global control and be based in Jerusalem. The dream moved on to flashbacks of when I received a polio shot when I was in elementary school. I remember crying when I got the shot and receiving a kiss and some comment about me being a brave man. I got a sucker afterward which made me happy. Was getting that shot a problem? No. Am I possessed? No.

The answer to my question was continuing to formulate. As I work in the social service field, I know many health professionals. I started to ask the ones I trust on whether the vaccine has any validity. Their responses were clear and consistent. They said the vaccine does guard against getting Covid but is not 100 percent effective. One could still get Covid but the severity of symptoms is greatly reduced. Overwhelmingly, the people hooked up to ventilators are people who were not vaccinated. So, in their opinion, the vaccine saves many lives because it lessens the symptoms greatly. I suppose it’s like taking an aspirin. The headache is still there but one receives great relief from it.

Time to add up the facts and from these facts I got vaccinated. Thank you, Lord, for showing me the truth! You never let me down on what action(s) I am to take!

Putting anything in your body is a highly personal choice. As a believer, place your trust in God. Ask Him to help you decide. Ask Him to show you the truth in a world that is filled with deception. He gives answers on His time. He loves you and will show you the best, God leads the way to go as He did with me.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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