God, me, and my heart – Love, Spending Time with Ke Akua

I would like to share a place very special to me. It’s the back deck in my home. As the sun goes down, I spend personal time with God nightly. Most of the time I thank Him for even giving a small sinner like me the time of day. I renew my promise to Him that all I can give is my deep love for Him and show that love every day by having Him always at the top of my thoughts. At times, I break down in joyous tears because the love I feel is so intense. I know He is literally arm’s length away from me just like Paul explained in Acts 17:27. When I talk, I don’t need fancy words. I just need a sincere heart. I let my heart do all the talking. The words that come out just naturally flow. It’s one of the main times I am not lost for words. I know He is listening and can sometimes literally feel the wind die down as I pour out my heart.

I have also prayed while watching the sunset go down in Hawaii and boy is that rewarding! Having the trade winds hit my face and hearing the sound of the waves crash in while having a heart-to-heart with our Creator is like having a taste of heaven. I find the more secluded I am, the better the conversation so I always go to a secluded beach or a ridge. The peace and love that surrounds me can bring even the most stubborn man to break down. It’s more fulfilling than anything else I could imagine. I find as I pour out my love to Him, He pours it out back. It really reinforces the fact that nothing in this world matters and that all the true rewards are beyond. I am not afraid so I really don’t care what happens on this earth. I know He cares for me and if I need to suffer, I still will remain grateful because I have Him.

All you can give God is your deep love. You have nothing more to offer Him. When you love the most is when it’s just you and Him. One on One. Be prepared to have Him come closer. Be prepared to tear up with joy. Be prepared to walk away fulfilled. Be prepared to have a direction in your life that glorifies Him. Feel confident that you have found the true treasure. Be prepared to have God reveal more of Him to you. Be honored by having the privilege to be loved by Him in ways I can’t explain.

Time alone with God and having a heart talk will stir your spirit in a way unimaginable. No fancy words are needed just pure, sincere conversation focused on Aloha. Ke Akua pu…in private.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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