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“Then Jesus said to the man who had asked him to the meal, ‘When you give a
meal at midday or in the evening, do not ask your friends to come. Do not ask
your brothers or your family. And do not ask the rich people that live near you
to come. If you do, they will later ask you to eat at their house. This will pay you
for the meal that you gave to them. Instead, when you prepare a big meal, you
should ask the poor people to come. Ask people that have lost an arm or a leg.
Ask people that cannot walk very well, and people that cannot see. Then God
will make you happy. Those people cannot pay you for the meal you have given
to them. Instead, God will pay you, on the day when he makes good people
become alive again.’”
Luke 14:12-14 EASY
Although I gladly give to the poor and needy, I also serve the disabled in my
work. I have wondered whether my work applies to giving as I do get paid in
return. I think of wonderful people who are paid nurses and other helpers
whether their efforts make God pleased. My guess is it does even though they
receive a paycheck. I think in terms of God’s way to thank those for helping
others less fortunate regardless of the paycheck received. I do think one's glory
is greater when one helps others without a paycheck. They do it purely from the
kindness of their hearts. Perhaps, there is a hierarchy of God’s pleasure? What I
mean by this is kindness towards others is always glorious, but kindness without
monetary reward is of the highest order. I am not completely sure about this as
God sees all sin as of equal seriousness so why would He have a hierarchy of
helping others? I continue to pray on this question.
What I do know is helping others whether paid to do it or not is a great calling. I
know I do both with gratitude. I thank God for His Grace in what I do. I do know I
do make a difference in the lives of the disabled people I serve whether I am
paid for it or not. Perhaps, that is the correct way to think.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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