God’s Wrath – Saved, Truth

“After these things, I heard a sound like the voices of very many people in
heaven. The crowd of people was shouting, ‘We praise the Lord our God! He
has saved us! He is really powerful! We say that he is great! Everything that he
decides is right and fair. He has decided to punish that great prostitute. She led
people on the earth to do bad things. She has led them to worship idols. It is like
she led people to have sex in the wrong way. She killed God's servants with her
own hands. Because of all that, God has now punished her. So, we praise him!’
Then the crowd of people in heaven shouted again, ‘We praise the Lord our
God! The smoke from the fire that burns that city will go up forever.’”
Revelation 19:1-3 EASY
I used to delude myself into thinking a loving God would never punish. Who am I
to make this judgment call? In Revelation, those in Heaven clearly
celebrate God’s Wrath because He is just and fair. It kind of reminds me of when
people in a Courtroom praise God when a convicted killer receives fair justice for
their crime(s). Or, when people in the courtroom are outraged when they think
justice was not served in balance to the crime committed.
God thinks at a much higher level than us. Our little opinions don’t matter.
That’s why we are to put God first. It’s because, whether we like it or not, we
know very little and He knows everything. He is balanced in love, mercy, and
justice better than any judge on this earth could imagine. Just like God, there
are many loving worldly judges who gives death sentences to those who
commit crimes. God sees all crime as sin.
So, God will hand out hard sentences to those who think they are nice people
but remain unrepentant sinners. Thank God for Jesus to give us a chance to be

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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