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It’s really amazing how Hawai’i has changed over 200 years. God led a group of missionaries from Boston to a land that took six months to arrive. Their odds were bleak yet they put full trust in God. They went to a foreign land 1000’s of miles away, did not really know what was to come, and still were welcomed by the po’e. They were highly vulnerable because the nearest land from Hawai’i is 1000’s of miles. It almost seemed God connected the dots when the dots coming together were highly against the odds. It’s truly a miracle. If the missionaries would have come even 50 years sooner, their reception would have probably been different. God’s timing could not have been more perfect. It’s no surprise because God’s timing is always perfect.
Having the Hawaiian people trusting the word of God is truly a testament to their strong Spirits. Wrong has been done to them but they have the Spiritual strength to focus on what is truly important. They see what many should see. They are truly blessed and loved by God because their priorities are set in the right place. God has and will continue to bless them. They are truly a shining star in the midst of the ocean like an Oasis in the desert.
Thanksgiving is a tradition that was valued by the Pilgrims but was exercised by many other cultures. We give thanks to the LORD for what he has given us. He always keeps his promises of taking care of His beloved children.
I am truly honored to know both of you.

God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Ke Akua,

Mahalo no nā makana āu i hāʻawi mai ai. Mālama mau ʻoe i kāu poʻe keiki. Mahalo no ka hanohano o ka hui ʻana me Kahu Kenneth Makuakane a me nā mea a pau ma ka Halepule ʻo Kawaiahaʻo. E hoʻomaikaʻi ʻoe iā lākou, e kiaʻi a hāʻawi iā lākou i ke alakaʻi. I ka inoa ʻo Iesū.


by Kent Brosh - a Kawaiaha'o Church Blog Contributor

from Calgary, Alberta - Canada

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