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“God has raised you with Christ to a new life. So, you should want more and more the things that belong to heaven. That is where Christ is now. He sits there at God's right side. So think about the good things that are there in heaven above. Do not think only about things that are on the earth. Remember that your old nature has died. God is keeping your new life safe with Christ. You have that new life because you belong to Christ. One day, Christ will show himself clearly to everyone. Then everyone will see that you are with him. They will see that you also are great, like he is.”

One of my favorite authors is Francis Chan. If you are looking for a great read, check out his book called “Crazy Love.” His book themes on Christians examining their faith and focusing on the eternal. If you are obsessed with God as I am, I am sure you will enjoy his book.

What I really like about Francis Chan’s work is he repeatedly emphasizes we are to be looking up instead of looking around. We are to assess whether we are “luke warm” Christians or “Hot” about Christ. His descriptions really aids in someone self-evaluating their faith and measuring it against those who are in crazy love with God.

To give you one example, Francis Chan used the analogy of Moses versus God himself. He asks the question of who you truly follow. Do you follow Moses or God himself? What he means by this is he believes many of us revere the pastor or religious personality when we should be revering God. We, in essence, allow Moses to climb the mountain towards God instead of climbing the mountain ourselves. We settle for human leadership instead of God centered biblical teaching and deep loving prayer. His thinking centers around the idea that the gold ring of life is God himself not the messengers God sends to aid us in our faith. We should see the messenger for what it is.

So, if you really want to assess the degree of your hotness towards God, Francis Chan’s Crazy Love book is for you!

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha'o Blog Contributor

Alberta - Canda

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