Healthy or Sick? – Body and Mind

“Those people who obey my message are the ones who really love me. They accept my  words and do what I say. My Father will love everyone who loves me. I also will love  them and I will show myself to them.’”

John 14:21 EASY

“God has shown us clearly how very kind he is. He has now come to save all people.  Because God is kind, he teaches us to stop living in a bad way. We no longer do the bad  things that do not make God happy. We turn away from the bad things that belong to this  world. God teaches us to rule ourselves properly while we live in this world. He teaches  us to do what is right. He teaches us to serve him in a good way.”

Titus 2:11-12 EASY

Did you know having a relationship with Christ is highly individualized? When you pass  away, it will be just you and Him. There will be no one speaking for you. Christ’s fiery  eyes will be directed at you and you alone. As your redeemer/judge, He is determining  whether you truly loved Him or not. Is your relationship healthy or sick? By healthy, you  want to crack open His Word and obey. You treasure His Word because you love Him. If  you are sick, His Word is collecting dust in your closet. Did you know if you are sick, He  doesn’t move closer to you and reveal more of Himself to you? Where is your Bible right  now? Is it beside you or in another room somewhere? You can assess whether you are  healthy or sick with Christ.

As you digest His Word, He teaches you more every day. He moves closer. So, today, assess your health with Christ. If you are sick, get healthy starting today.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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