Hospital for Sinners – Saved, Today

What really is Church? Why do we join a Church? Yes, Church is a beautiful
social component. I have read many a story lately on how Lockdowns and
restrictions have depressed those who miss in-person contact, especially in
Church. A Church is really a wonderful gift from God. It helps us sinners stay
focused on God. We receive strength in numbers. It’s a place of complete peace.
Think about it this way. Can you think of any Church that doesn’t feel peaceful? I
honestly can’t think of any that I have visited. Maybe, that’s also why people
miss not attending Church in person.
A church to me is a hospital for sinners. I am a sinner, I remain a sinner and I
need God first to alleviate my Sin. God gives me a spiritual hospital and that’s
Church. I often think the Bible is medicine for sinners too. So, we have a hospital
that gives us a regular dose of medicine that relieves the pain of sin. Hmmm.
I wonder if Kahu Ken sees himself as the Doctor of Sin? Maybe he should wear a
cape. Are the Deacons nurses of sin? Perhaps, the congregation can both be
patients of sin and counselors of love. Boy, can this get deep?
Thank God for the hospital of sin. There is no cure for sin but at least there are
treatments for all of us that alleviate the pain of sin.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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