Why do we give? – Love one Another

I have a very special young lady to share with you. Maria lives in the Philippines
and is very poor. I support her to help her get through school. She has never
asked but receives. She is on the Dean’s list at school and that was before I got
involved. Her marks are always in the top ’90s.
Maria received her used MacBook today. I got it for her as it’s hard to continue
studying when all courses are online. I repeat, she never asked yet received.
Have a look at her face. What is that telling you? That’s my gift to myself. You know
what’s even better is I can literally feel God loving me beyond words and that
gift is beyond belief. You see, God does ask others to help and usually is specific
on that ask. In this case, I was driven to get Maria a computer. She never asked.
It was the Spirit who asked. God asks where one can help without the person
who receives asking. I receive the same. God gives me what I need and I never
asked for it. I am amazed when this happens because maybe deep in my heart I
want but don’t ask as I don’t want to be seen as selfish.
When you give, God will help you decide who, what, and where to give if you let
Him. It’s when God asks when the rewards are great. The reward is
instantaneous too through amazing love. Imagine God of the Universe giving
you a warm hug. Imagine God of the Universe pleased with what you did. It’s
actually very addictive. Now, I understand why followers suffered unimaginable
pain and persecution. It’s because the love they receive is much greater than the
pain endured.
So, when you give, it has more strength when the person doesn’t ask but the
Spirit does. Listen to your Spirit and the payment in love from Him will blow
your mind. Now doing that was worth giving a million computers. Sometimes
when you receive a gift that comes out of the blue whether tangible or
intangible, assess whether it’s from God. Sometimes, you don’t need to ask to
receive. God will provide out of love.

by Kent Brosh a Kawaiaha’o Blog Contributor

Alberta, Canada

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